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Flower preservation, bouquet keepsake, wedding flower keepsake, bouquet preservation, flower preservation. Funeral Flowers.
Flower preservation, bouquet keepsake, wedding flower keepsake, bouquet preservation, flower preservation. Funeral Flowers.
Flower preservation, bouquet keepsake, wedding flower keepsake, bouquet preservation, flower preservation. Funeral Flowers.

Flower preservation, bouquet keepsake, wedding flower keepsake, bouquet preservation, flower preservation. Funeral Flowers.

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Flower preservation.
Do not toss your Bridal Bouquet.......Preserve it.

If you have already dried flowers from any events(weddings,funerals....) this is your opportunity to save it for a lifetime.This picture is before and after style.Don't wait any longer let's us preserve your memories.

It would be the most unusual, one of a kind gift, for someone special for any special moment in your life such as a wedding, birthday,funeral...any occasion,reason or season.

This large resin block looking as a glass is filled with emotions and feelings. It contains an emotional connection to that moment in time, to that last goodbye, to that moment you want to last forever.....

Size of a block : 6 inc. x 5 1/2 inc.x 1/2 inc. deep with curvy sides.

This listing is for one square block keepsake without a display holder. However you may add a resin acrylic display holder to the purchase of a keepsake block.

This holder is excellent for small plates or platters, plaques, framed items, signs, small artworks or paintings, icons, small stained-glass items, and other memorabilia. Great addition to display your unique collection. Easels help accentuate and showcase your collectibles, keepsakes, or enhance your home decor or table centerpiece.SIZE: 4.25 x 3.75 x 5.25 inches (height x width x depth), front ledge approximately 1.75 inch

Once you place your order, I will provide you with the address to send your flowers to.
You can choose to pay for the full amount of the listing now or you can reserve your spot for a non-refundable deposit of $50. There is no additional fee for reserving your spot. This reservation deposit will be applied to your final balance. We will email you an invoice for the remaining balance. The total balance must be paid BEFORE you ship us your flowers. We will not begin working on your artwork until your full balance is paid, and we are not responsible for any flowers until the balance is paid in full.

Please note that all payments, including the $50 reservation, are non-refundable.
Almost all flowers can be pressed. There's only a few exceptions; succulents and a few thick tropical flowers.
You may also specify personalisation if flowers are provided e.g for the arrangement of flowers. If you leave this blank then I shall assume that you’re happy for me to make this decision myself.
Processing time takes up to 2-4 weeks once the flowers are received.
Flowers can be send previously dried or fresh.If they arrive fresh allow 1-2 weeks for us to preserve them for use in this keepsake.Flowers that are previously dried or fresh should be wrapped loosely in a dry paper towel and placed in brown paper bag, do not use a plastic bags.Do not place it inside of an unsealed plastic baggie.
Do not seal the bag as this can cause mold and faster deterioration.Also you may immerse them in silica gel crystals, available at craft shops for $5-$10/lb, and seal them in an airtight container.Also, remember, no all of your flowers will survive during shipping.So You may include extra flowers.Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Message me to get the mailing information needed for sending your flowers.

This item requires 8-10 Small to Medium flower heads. Greenery, small flowers and loose stems encouraged. We may use individual petals if a large flower do not fit. We can add picture, ribbon, natural materials, ect. to the design for an additional $10. Feel free to ask us if your materials will work in this particular design.

When you place your order, you are agreeing to the understanding that some flowers change color as they dry, they may darken or change tone and some flowers just do not dry well. If you’d like to talk any specific flowers before you order then please send me a message. Some flowers may also change color slightly within the resin over time.
By purchasing, you agree that I can not be held responsible for lost, damaged or stolen packages, to or from me, or damaged/undesirable outcomes during the drying and creating process. I will keep in contact with you throughout the process and if the flowers don;t arrive in good shape I will let you know and you can decide if you want to proceed with the order.
Your order serves as your consent to allow Gifts with Love and Art designers to create your floral paperweight keepsakes using their best judgment and discretion within your selection and any written instructions provided by you. Please make sure to thoroughly read this page before placing your order
Please be aware flowers dry differently depending on the type, timing, etc. Colors may shift and blooms may shrink. I do my VERY BEST to make sure your piece is as lovely as possible, but there are some variables through the process that are out of my control. I have never had a problem, but need to make sure we understand each other.
All of my pieces are handmade, by me and so they will not look like they have been manufactured by machine. There will be small bubbles – and these can cause occasionally teeny pits on the side surfaces. Every piece I make is one of a kind and so I consider small imperfections to be part of the charm of a handmade memory piece.
Handmade resin creations are a labor intensive process to get the flower into position. Due to the nature of the resin making process tiny air bubbles usually occur.
Each item in my shop is made by hand and not a machine so tiny bubbles, bumps, little gaps, yellowing issues, surface Imperfections,and slight imperfections are part of the unique characteristics of the resin creations! The back or bottom side might be slightly bumpy,uneven due to a natural heating process in a resin and drying.
The front and back sides are more glossy,clear than sides around ( some kind of frosty effect).
Cancellation and Returns on this listing will incur a 30% restocking fee in first 8 hours after you order it.After that no returns and cancellations on this listing because it is a custom order.
Eventually the white roses in your bouquet, corsage or floral arrangement will begin to turn brown, a natural occurrence as the blossom starts to fade. While this happens to all roses, the browning is more evident in white roses, as there is no color to conceal the evidence of the transformation. White flowers tend to yellow as they dry, roses are no exception.Another thing to remember is to dry them before they get too old. The longer the flower has been picked the more chance there is for it to turn brown.The paperweight has slight imperfections, this is because it is handmade and everything is done by hand with handmade by me molds for resin. There may be bubbles, porosities and droplets of resin.The color of your dried flowers determine the color of your finished keepsake. The chemical of the resin can make some of your petals look translucent or even darker.
Some flowers change color as they dry, they may darken or change tone and some flowers just do not dry well. Some light colored flowers keep their color well but some not. Flowers tend to yellow and brown as they dry, roses are no exception.
Another thing to remember is the longer the flower has been picked the more chance there is for it to turn brown.
And sometimes there is a chemical reaction in resin that affects the color of the flowers.
You never know until the product is done.
Cancellation and Returns on the custom orders listings will incur a 30% restocking fee.
For all cancellation requests on orders that have not been shipped yet, there is a $5.00 restocking fee to cover paypal and etsy listing and cancellation fee's, as well as any inconvenience.

By purchasing my products you are agreeing to and acknowledging the following:

- These are handmade products and therefore will not look as though they have been manufactured by a machine.

- Flowers naturally create air bubbles, and resin also naturally has micro bubbles. These bubbles can be within the resin piece or sometimes feature on the surface of the resin, creating small holes. I work very hard to minimise these but this is not always possible.

- During the drying process, flowers can change colour and/or shape. Bruising on flowers can also appear on resin which can occur during postage. Some flowers dry a lot better than others. If your flowers consist of only 1 type of flower and you’re concerned about their suitability then please drop me a message to discuss.

Returns & exchanges
Before making a purchase, please make sure to double check the measurements and description. I am always flexible in making sure that you are happy with your purchase, but please make sure you have read the description carefully.

If a return is required, it must be done within seven (7) days of receipt and in the original condition and packaging. Must be in "as shipped" unused/unworn condition. The buyer will be responsible for shipping the item back to the Store, and for the cost of shipping any exchange items. Seller reserves right to deduct original shipping cost, depending on reason for return.
Cancellation and Returns on custom made orders-listings will incur a 30% restocking fee in first 8 hours after you ordered it.After that no returns and cancellations on those listings because it is a custom order.Since the resin is a type of plastic, is possible to have a change in color and transparency over time.

****I also create custom cremation paperweight keepsakes.

You make the memories...we preserve them.

We look forward to working with you.
Thank you.