The proper way to wear a tiara.

Tiaras are becoming a popular accessory not just for brides, but for many formal occasions, including proms and galas. There is a trick to wearing them, however. It just takes a little knowledge to pick out the right tiara, know how to wear it, and with what.

There are some important things to remember...

  1. Be conscious of proper placement. Put your thumb on the dimple of your chin and your index finger on the gap in between your eyebrows. Keeping that measurement, move your thumb up to where your finger was. Your index finger should now be touching the base of the tiara in your hair. Anymore than an inch and a half from your hairline, and people will talk.
  2. Only put on your tiara after all hair lacquering is complete. Who wants a dull, sticky tiara? Not you.
  3. If you have a long face, a pointy tiara will make it look longer. If you have a round face, a rounded style will make it look more moon-like. Try on a design that is the opposite to your face shape and you will get an A-star in Tiara-ology. An invaluable qualification.
  4. A tiara worn with limp, centre-parted hair looks like you couldn't be bothered to groom yourself so put on the diamonds as a sort of diversionary tactic. Very bohemian. But people will notice. If you must wear your hair down, then pull the sides back over the ends of the tiara so it looks more 'settled' in the hair.
  5. Be dirty. Don't wash your hair just before wearing a tiara - day old hair, without conditioner, will offer more grip. And with tiaras, as with so many things, grip is key.
  6. If you're planning on dancing on tables, you will need extra help. Fine thread hat elastic can be used to sew your tiara into the back of your chignon.
  7. Consider what you will be wearing with your tiara. When choosing a tiara, you should also take into account the dress that you will be wearing with it. The tiara is meant to complement, and not overpower your look. For instance, if the dress that you will be wearing is adorned with crystal beading, then it would be ideal to choose a crystal tiara. If the dress is beaded with pearls, then a pearl tiara would be the best style to match the dress as well.
    • If the tiara is not for a fancy, formal outfit (such as a prom, wedding, or other big event), choose a tiara that will be the focal point of the outfit.
    • Make sure that your tiara matches your jewelry, and does not clash. For example, if your jewelry is silver with diamonds, pick a tiara that is also silver with diamonds.
  8. Consider your hairstyle. Different tiaras work better with different hairstyles. If you already have a hairstyle in mind to go with your outfit, then choose a tiara accordingly. For example, a smaller tiara will suit an up-do better than a wider, longer tiara.